Qty Available Item Description Manufacturer Model Asking CND Picture Data Link
1 scroller package Christie Lites Chroma Original $2,000.00
8 scrollers, w/ PS and cables AC Lighting
in case
2 water column colour changing Eurovision ea. $175.00
1 center piece with lamp Griven VERY OLD SCHOOL $1,000.00
16 moving mirror fixtures High End Intelabeam 700HX ea. $650.00 Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4
1 moving mirror controller High End Intelabeam $2,500.00
will sell for less if packabed with fixtures
1 automated lighting controller High End Status Cue
Desk with case, RACK mount CPU
in Case
2 4 channel dimmers ETA ea. $250.00
1 remote controlled scanning Mobolazer G-SCAN $500.00 Pic Data
and text system
Comes with Original Manual
1 8 position with 12 output beam Mobolazer ML8 G-Beam $1,000.00 Pic
Needs new diode Pic
1 8 position with 12 output beam Mobolazer ML8 G-Beam $1,000.00 Pic
Needs new diode
2 The SC100 analog scanner allow the laser projector to produce hundreds of scanned effects including cones, tunnels, and the famous Liquid Skyō effect. Mobolazer SC100 Pic
8 surface side mirrors 4" x 4" Mobolazer Bounce Mirror ea. $100.00 Pic
Smoke Machines
1 When you need to produce a dramatic and powerful fog effect, the Le Maitre LSG is "The Real Thing". When used with a Le Maitre G300 Fog Machine, the LSG patented CO2 conditioning process produces a huge, continuous output of low-lying fog. The LSG can achieve many impressive effects including fog curtains and waterfall effects. Le Maitre LSG
The G300 supplied included in this package was just rebuilt at LeMaitra.
Manufacture’s list price $8,240.00 Package $3,500.00
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